Concrete Walkways

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With all of the designs now available, concrete walkways are more than just paths from point A to point B. They can provide extra curb-appeal and add a personalized, artistic flair to your property. Learn what designs and layouts we offer and what factors affect the pricing of concrete walkways.


Our concrete walkways can be designed with the following surface materials and features:

  • Colored concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Chemical staining
  • Decorative borders
  • Saw-cut patterns
  • Rock salt or broom finishes


Straight walkways provide a direct, formal path from the sidewalk or street to your front door. This layout is often well-suited for homes with clean-lined, modern architecture.

Curved walkways casually guide visitors through your landscaping and give them a fuller view of your property. They can accent the classic style of a traditional home or contribute to the character of rustic architecture. A yard full of lush plants and trees complement a curved walkway design.


Obvious factors that affect the pricing of a new concrete walkway are the amount of concrete and prep work needed. If the project requires any grading, demolition, or excavation, then the cost will naturally increase. Some other factors include:

  • Shape, length, and width of walkway
  • Type of surface material
  • Complexity of design