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If you’re undertaking a large project that requires digging holes and moving lots of dirt, our excavator crew will help you get the job done right. But excavation involves much more than leveling soil and clearing land. Here is an explanation of the services we offer and what factors affect pricing.


  • Driveway excavation: excavating, removing, and disposing of materials encountered during driveway construction
  • Drainage or structure excavation: removing material while installing drainage structures (other than bridges)
  • Footing excavation: digging a column or wall foundation for a building
  • Trench excavation: digging a ditch that is longer than it is deep (e.g., to bury service lines, install pipelines, lay foundations)
  • Basement excavation: removing materials from a construction site that is below ground level


There are a number of factors that we assess when calculating the cost of excavation. What type of work is involved? Is the site easily accessible? What is the size, length, and location of the project? Proximity to natural habitats must also be carefully considered, especially if there are rare or endangered species nearby. Will dirt and shrubbery need to be transported offsite? Depending on the complexity of the project, we may need to use specialist machinery or consult a skilled draftsman. All of these details will give us a fuller picture of the expenses involved.